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We're adding some finishing touches to the LynxCraft Building Designer

The LynxCraft Building Designer launches in

The LynxCraft Building Designer is a groundbreaking software platform, redefining the way we think about construction and design. It embodies our mission to industrialize construction for speed, affordability, and sustainability.

Key features


Designed for both professionals and laypeople, ensuring a smooth, user-friendly experience.


Powered by a patent-pending algorithm that leverages a finite set of prefabricated panels, enabling rapid construction and design flexibility.


Immediate insight into the implications of design choices, fostering informed decision-making.


Generates all necessary documentation for building permits, streamlining the approval process.


Emphasizes the use of renewable materials and energy-efficient design, aligning with global sustainability goals.

The LynxCraft Building Designer revolutionizes construction through its algorithmic approach, utilizing a finite number of prefabricated panel types. This not only accelerates the building process but also ensures high-quality outcomes with minimal environmental impact. The software’s design wizard guides users through a streamlined process, from site analysis to final design, embodying our vision of making sophisticated building design accessible to all.


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